What are ruvBoxes?

ruvBox is a monthly subscription service for your dog. Each month your pup will receive a themed box filled with high quality toys, treats, surprises and ruv. Think of us as a personal shopper, for your dog! Perfect for busy pup parents. Boxes shipped on the 15th of each month. Cancel any time. It's a great way to try new products and see what your dog ruvs best. For questions, queries or feedback email contactus@ruvbox.com.au

What can I expect from my ruvBox?

All good things, and lots of ruv! Part of the fun is that it's a surprise. ruvBoxes contain 4 to 6 hand-selected, high quality items. Gifts might include hard and soft toys, all-natural, gourmet and organic treats, toys, bones, chews and hygiene products. Each month's box has a unique theme or seasonal twist (eg. Australia Day, Valentines Day, Superhero, Halloween, Christmas) plus a ruv letter for your dog to tell you what the products are.

My dog's fussy. How do I know ruvBox will be a hit?

Trust us! We know dogs, we ruv dogs and we only pick the best stuff to go in ruvBoxes. We ask you for your dogs size which helps us when we're choosing the goodies. We can cater for the most discerning doberman to the pickiest pug! We'll send you a welcome email once you've placed your order to ask your dog's name and check any special requirements.

Is it a subscription only model?

You can gift a one-off ruvBox at any time for yourself, or a dog-loving friend. Just choose the 'Gift' option. Our subscription service offers three payment plans with options to sign up for one, three or six months. The longer the subscription, the better the value. As it's a subscription model, if you want to cancel you can do so at any time.

Payments come out monthly the day that you signed up. Get your order in before the 10th of the month to be eligible for that month's box. Shipping is always the 15th. For example, sign up August 9, you get the August box. Sign up August 11, your first box will be the September one

Note: We try to match our ruvBox's with holidays. However, because some holidays (such as Valentines Day) fall around our dispatch date (15th of the month), and shipping times may vary - we cannot guarantee that your pooches gift arrival will be before/on that set date.

How do I pay? How do I do cancel?

Our website checkout makes it easy for you to choose your subscription length and then pay using PayPal.You can cancel orders any time directly through your PayPal account. You need to cancel before 10th of month or your box will be shipped.

When will my ruvBox arrive and where do you deliver to?

We dispatch our boxes on the 15th every month, expect to receive your box 2-8 days after that. We currently deliver NATIONWIDE and the great news is that SHIPPING IS FREE.

My ruvBox didn't arrive. What should I do?

That's our least favourite question, and we hope to never hear it!

However, if it does, send an email to contactus@ruvbox.com.au and we'll rectify the matter as quickly as possible!

How can I contact you?

Shoot an email to contactus@ruvbox.com.au with any queries, questions or feedback. We'd ruv to hear from you!

Do you support dog shelters?

We certainly do!

Rescue Resource-NSW is a NSW based charity that sources dog related items and supplies the FREE to over 100 rescue organisations and pounds.

For more information visit our GIVING BACK page or visit Rescue Resource at: rescueresourcensw.com.au