Giving Back

We want to share the ruv with all dogs in Australia, not just those lucky enough to get gifted ruvBoxes by their puppy parents.

That's why we support RESCUE RESOURCE NSW. This amazing charity sources doggie related items, and supplies them free to over 100 rescue organisations.

How do we support? We always have extra toys and treats after our boxes get packed and sent....and we happily donate them to Rescue Resource because we know they will be distributed amongst a variety of deserving shelters.

Would you like to help?

Visit or check out thier Facebook Page!

Let's all do our bit to spread the ruv where it's needed most.

The ruvBox Team x

NOTE: We are currently updating the ruvBox website! Thus, the 10% donation information on the frontpage is being amended to accurately reflect what we, as the recently new owners of ruvBox, have decided would be the best way we can do our bit to support these amazing organisations.