Pampered Pooch June box

Pampered Pooch June box

Our June ruvBox was all about relaxation and pampering. We know you pups work hard to make your hoomans happy, so this box was all about you! Doggies need time out too and this was your ultimate tool kit to make pups feel great.

It was time to pop on some soothing music, light a ylang ylang scented candle, turn off your iPhone, tell your human you need an hour of 'you time' and dive into a healing journey of puppy pampering and sheer doggy indulgence. This month's lavender themed boxes were designed to wash away your poochy worries - ruvBox says relax! Here's what we got for you:
Freckles Favourites calming cookies: Gourmet healing cookies made with lavender, vanilla, cinnamon and honey in a lavender coloured bag. Hand made with love by Australian company, Freckles Favourites.
Lavender Magic Monkey Fuzzyard: snuggling up to this plush pal for the ultimate in pup relaxation. Premium non-toxic acrylic plush toys in perfect hues of therapeutic lavender from Fuzzyard's brand new collection.
Spa Goodies: Tea Tree,  Citronella and lavender relaxation pet soaps from Bath Soul, or soothing doggy colognes from CookieMoon. Made with natural products gentle on your coat and skin with special oils  to repel fleas. Lather up and let the delicious fragrances lift your mood and alight your senses.
Bacon-scented cucumber chewy toy: Cucumbers are synonymous with relaxation - this magic vegetable soothes stressed muscles and frazzled nerves! This vegetable chew toy is made out of durable nylon which slowly releases a bacon flavour. The small ridges and grooves will keep you amused with the different textures.
Cinnamon and apple lollipop: a sweet treat for pampered pooches who deserve to be spoilt! An apple and cinnamon, paw shaped, flavoured cookie topped with yoghurt and carob. The whole paw is edible, including the stick which is a rawhide dog treat. Made from gluten free flour, unsweetened applesauce, honey, cinnamon, canola oil and eggs. The perfect way to finish off your day of indulgence, pups!


Lots of ruv, until next month! The ruvBox Team xx

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